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January 26, 2013 - CSN’s recruiting experts have analyzed the 2013 class in order to identify the top one-hundred and fifty players in the class.  This is the final ranking of the 2013 class.  The rank order of the 2013 players was adjusted periodically throughout the past year.  Individuals who have signed professional contracts are not included in the rankings. 


The player rankings reflect a projection of  the potential impact a player will have at the collegiate level.  While room for debate always exists in any type of ranking, and no one can totally predict what the future will hold, we are confident that the CSN recruiting experts player rankings will become a gold standard for information and analysis of recruits and in evaluating recruiting classes when the nation’s top recruits announce where they will play college soccer.


The player rankings include the individual’s club team, their home town, their position, and the college (if any) to which they have committed verbally. 

Rank          Player                    Club Team               Hometown                     Position            School

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